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IC Cold Links: Lovin' The Best of Five Finals, Coaching Changes, Hibbert Review

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I always loved the best of five first-round playoff series format the NBA used to employ. They were no joke and there was no easing into the playoffs. Of course, the most famous 5-gamer around here required a game-winner from Travis Best to close out the Bucks in 2000. After surviving the near upset, the Pacers made it to the Finals.

So after a split in L.A., the Lakers and Celtics begin a best of five for the LOB trophy with the next three games in Boston. Paul Pierce doesn't plan on going back to Staples, but he better keep his travel bag handy because it now appears that neither team will lay down and closing out this series will take a monumental effort or a Game 7, whichever comes first.

Ron Artest struggled in Game 2 so I'm looking forward to seeing how he reacts to the pressure-soaked adversity. For that matter, it will be interesting to see how Phil Jackson handles Ronnie.

After the jump, more links of interest on the Finals, some coaching changes and a look at the Pacers' center position.