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IC Cold Links: NBA Finals Crawl On, Catching Up With Pacers Crate, Making The Fieldhouse Work For The City

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Man, I was jonesin' for Game 2 of the NBA Finals last night, but alas Danica Patrick and the IndyCar boys put on a good show from Texas, so I can make it to tonight when the Celtics and Lakers resume the series. The only good news is that health and fitness shouldn't be an issue since there's been so much down time. Momentum? Forget it.

After the jump, a few links of interest along with the past two episodes of Pacers Crate which will entertain any Pacer fan on multiple levels with lots of geeky draft talk to go with players having fun at a charity outing and updating us on their offseason work. Also, the Indy Star opines on how to make the best of the CIB takeover of Conseco Fieldhouse.

With some team effort, deal can be a win-win
With a deal between the Pacers and the city appearing to be a foregone conclusion at this point, the Star takes a nice balanced look at how to make the best of the situation going forward.

On Evan Turner's Bad Plus-Minus
Tom Ziller shows how to analyze an alarming plus/minus, in this case, for Evan Turner.

DraftExpress: Stats
DraftExpress has compiled all kinds of numbers for draft prospects.

Mark Jackson Fights Inexperience in Seeking Head Coaching Job
Jax makes his case for not needing any bench experience to be a successful coach in the NBA.

Conrad Brunner and Mark Boyle host the Crate from the dugout at the charity softball game last week. Hear from Roy Hibbert, Dahntay Jones, Jeff Foster, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger along with Robert Mathis and Chris "Lights Out" Lytle.

Pacers' Director of Scouting, Ryan Carr drops by Pacers Crate to discuss what he can about prepping for the NBA draft.