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IC Cold Links: Point Guard Prospects, NBA Finals Finally Ready To Tip Off

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The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers will finally tip off the NBA Finals tonight after several days off. Let's just hope this much anticipated matchup lives up to the hype better than the point guard workouts yesterday at the Fieldhouse.

The Pacers are desperate to find a point guard and six draft prospects desperate to show the Pacers they can be the answer at point guard were at the Fieldhouse yesterday. But the general feeling among all of the media reports is an overwhelming, "Meh."

Eric Bledsoe, Avery Bradley, Jordan Crawford, Sherron Collins, A.J. Slaughter and Willie Warren were at the Fieldhouse but there was no epic 3-on-3 workout to witness or really much of anything since only Bledsoe, Bradley and Slaughter were available to go full tilt. Sounds like Bradley won the day which is no surprise with his with his sweet stroke and athletic ability he looks the part in drills.

Personally, I've been trying to feel good about reaching for Bledsoe but just his interview combined with other interviews are scaring me off or at least putting him in trade down territory for me. Is that fair?

Probably not, but if the Pacers are reaching for a point guard then they're also reaching for a guy who will eventually be the leader of the team. The quarterback running the show. I'd like that guy to have a little more dynamic personality with a twinkle in his eye.

Yes, Bledsoe is young but so is Bradley and he showed what I'm talking about and believe me I understand that an assertive outgoing personality alone doesn't make a leader. It helps, but it's also common among the bull-shitter species. But the actions following someone willing to look you in the eye and clearly communicate helps make the distinction. First impressions are often lasting and from what I've read and heard about yesterday, I'm not impressed.

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