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IC Cold Links: Still No Results from the CIB, Summer Roster Announced

Wednesday marks the deadline for the CIB’s deal with the Indiana Pacers regarding the lease on Conseco Fieldhouse. While we are all excited to look at the draft talent and moving forward with trades in July, the cloud of the lease remains in the distance, and it’s unsure what will come forth in the next few days. Last we heard, there were short term discussions regarding a three-year lease, and a week and a half later, there’s still little new to report, as Ann Lathrop would text: "Still talking, but no deal yet."

In terms of more on the court matters, free agency looms for a number of teams, something we won’t be getting involved with in Indiana, but the Pacers should still remain heavy players in trades. We’re at a point where there’s nothing to do but wait. We can recount the Los Angeles Lakers 16th NBA title, the 2010 NBA Draft, or where we all think LeBron James and Joe Johnson are going to play together, but we’re all ultimately playing the waiting game.

In terms of actual Pacers news, the tentative Orlando Summer League roster was announced today (thanks to DaltsonS49 for the fanpost!) Josh McRoberts is the only veteran to make his way down to Orlando, joined by the three draft picks, Purdue favorite Chris Kramer, and even Marcus Williams. Remember the Marcus Williams saga?

After the jump, a look at the roster Dante and Galante will be making fun of next week, as well as CIB information, and even Pacers coach Bob Hill’s new job: