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IC Cold Links: Paul George Comes to Indiana

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Paul George arrived in Indiana yesterday to give his first press conference to the local media. In it, George's demeanor was pretty clear: he wants to work hard, he loves the idea of a Danny Granger/George 1-2 punch, he wants to take advantage of double teams on Granger and Roy Hibbert. His focus on his game was heavily leaned towards him being a shooter, a wing player, much to the delight of Jim O'Brien, who can't have enough players who can spread the floor.

There's a long way to go for George to go for him to be a "franchise-level talent" as he wishes, and of course we shouldn't get swept up in first impressions. After all, it was Brandon Rush who wanted to be the next Reggie Miller. Through two years, his passive style is far from the Pacers legend's unrivaled killer instinct.

Some more impressions on George's first hello to Indianapolis will come, in the meantime, the conference is after the jump with more on George as well as stories on fellow rookies Lance Stephenson and Magnum Rolle.

  • George ready to carve out niche
    Caught in the Web: Bruno looks into the readiness of Paul George for his rookie season to begin and the impact he hopes to make in a wing heavy offense. Also, as Gordon Hayward looked to the warmest receptions awaiting him had he been taken by the Pacers, a much more negative reaction awaited him in Salt Lake City.
  • PACERS: Paul George live chat transcript
    George joins Bruno for a live chat with Pacers fans, including possible nicknames (PG - may have to work on that), career expectations, the position he hopes to play, and why he'll be wearing #24 for the Pacers.
  • Pacers' George has long faced doubters
    Mike Wells looks at the long road Paul George has faced as an unheralded prospect making his way towards the NBA.
  • Pacers' George, Granger are similar - USA Today
    Just as Ron Artest took Danny Granger under his wing in 2005, Cliff Brunt calls for Danny Granger to do the same for young Paul George. The two have been working out together, a great first step together.
  • No regrets for Stephenson
    Despite falling to the second round, Lance Stephenson is not deterred by the slip and has no regrets in leaving the Bearcats. At the very least, it should give him all the motivation he needs to become a valuable player at the next level.
  • Magnum Drafted in NBA - The Freeport News
    Straight from his birthplace in the Bahamas, The Freeport News gives us a little background on Magnum Rolle's first ever shot of a basketball at 14 all the way to draft night. Rolle has plenty of motivation looking to be the first Grand Bahama player in the NBA and the first Bahamian since 1993.