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Indiana Pacers Swap Ryan Reid And Cash For Magnum Rolle, Larry Bird Dismisses Trade Rumors

The Indiana Pacers moved up late in the second round to acquire Magnum Rolle, a front court player with plenty of bounce who impressed the Pacers during the pre-draft process.

Here are the general highlights from Larry Bird's press conference (not direct quotes):

  • Paul George is long, athletic, skilled player that can get to the rim. Likes the talent he adds.
  • Doesn't expect Lance Stephenson to play right away but was really surprised he was available at 40.
  • Bird scoffed at the trade rumors as just rumors. When asked about the rumored deal with New Jersey for Granger and the 10th pick, he quickly said that New Jersey's whole team isn't worth Danny and the 10th pick.
  • Deals presented for point guards were all for guys they projected as backups so the cost ended up being too high. Plans to address the point guard situation after July 8th.
  • Real happy for Gordon Hayward and couldn't think of a better situation for him than playing under Jerry Sloan.
  • Looking forward to summer league.