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With Paul George, Pacers Draft A PG But Don't Fill A Need

Time for Paul George to go to work.
Time for Paul George to go to work.

I'm excited about Paul George the player, just not about the first round of the draft.

The Pacers filled a need that was the size of a pin hole, an additional long wing who can score and give the Pacers the option to play small, while a cavernous need to add a point guard was left wide open until July 8th when free agents can sign contracts and teams can begin moving players in earnest again.

All of the trade rumors leading up to the draft raised the hopes that maybe the Pacers would bounce an expiring contract out of town and/or gather some future assets. But in the end the future, as cloudy as it remains, is now and the Pacers added a player presumed ready-made to help off the bench from day one next year.

There's no denying the dynamic talent George can bring to the court. What remains to be seen is the work ethic and commitment he shows to maximize that talent. If the commitment is weak, he'll run the risk of reminding us of Shawne Williams.

Fortunately, George has the same agent as Danny Granger and has been working out with Granger for the past few months. Even before day one, George has had a mentor to show him the level of work required to develop an NBA game.

George also mentioned heading into the draft with a chip on his shoulder because he was so unknown coming out of Fresno State. He wanted to prove he could compete with any of the big name players in the draft and will carry that desire to prove himself into next season.

Jim O'Brien was excited about George throughout the pre-draft process. His length and ability to create his own shot, not to mention knock down the threes makes him a good fit in JOB's eyes.

So to wrap up the first round, the Pacers upgraded their talent level which was definitely a need. George also creates more trade options for the Pacers allowing them to include a wing player to fill out trade for a guard or front court player. But the selection also leaves plenty of work for those in the war room to complete by the end of the summer.