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At Pick #40 the Pacers Select . . . Lance Stephenson From the University of Cincinnati

None of the rumored trades have materialized so far, but there is plenty of talent to be had in the 2nd Round. With the 40th pick the Pacers have taken Lance Stephenson from the University of Cincinnati. While trades are still possible, let's take this chance to welcome him as the newest member of the Pacers!

Stephenson is a strong, powerful shooting guard with natural scoring ability. His jump shot needs work, but he is aggressive off the dribble and is a solid shot-creator. Having only played one year of college basketball, Stephenson is young and has a lot of untapped potential. The Pacers will need to be patient in developing his skills and conditioning.

An aggressive and confident player with undeniable potential as an NBA scorer, Stephenson has the ability to be a significant contributor down the road.

We profiled Stephenson a few weeks ago, take a look for some more complete analysis. Check out some links to other profiles, video highlights, as well as workouts and interviews after the jump. Stay tuned, one more 2nd Round pick to go!

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