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What If The Pacers Draft Gordon Hayward...Then Trade Him?

OK, I have a new favorite draft scenario (which by the way, is likely to change ten times before the start of the draft tonight). Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski fueled the rumored OKC deal last night then did an about face saying it was dead but that the Thunder are desperately seeking Gordon Hayward.

So, if Hayward falls to 10, we could have the ultimate bananas situation at the Fieldhouse. The Pacers select Gordon Hayward. The place goes bonkers because everyone has an opinion of Hayward to the Pacers whether it's good or bad. Dust settles from the initial reaction, then we hear the Pacers are dealing Hayward to Oklahoma City so we get treated to an inverse reaction from everyone. Perfect.

This OKC scenario would force other moves, though. The Pacers would have four draft picks with only two spots on the roster (McRoberts and Price aren't fully guaranteed but I don't see them getting released at this point). All of those picks are valuable so why burn them on a player the team may not have room for this season. Yes, they could go Euro and stash another player, but how about gathering more future picks. A team willing to move up for a certain player tonight may be willing to throw in extra future picks. Future picks are great assets especially when trying to sweeten later deals involving expiring contracts. Can't have enough options.