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Pacers Involved InTrade Rumors As NBA Draft Day Arrives

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There's lots of denying, but the trade rumors are flying.

Last night the Pacers were included in separate trade rumors involving Oklahoma City and Minnesota. By the end of the evening there were denials all around which should be expected. Any deals involving the 10th pick will likely hinge on a certain player or players being available for the team looking to acquire the pick, so we probably won't hear about a trade until the time of the pick.

The good news is, all of the uncertainty will add to the excitement of draft night. Speaking of which, I'll be down at the Fieldhouse tonight for the Pacers Draft Partylive blogging the festivities. We'll have an open thread here to log all of your reactions to the picks and trades. I'll also be joining Bruno with his live blog which tips off around 6:00PM.

This has the potential to be a huge day for the franchise, hopefully huge in a positive sense, but regardless of how things go tonight, we'll have you covered.

After the jump, links on the latest rumors, Gordon Hayward's big day and some interviews of interest.