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IC Cold Links: Pacers Remain Active On NBA Draft Eve

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Happy NBA Draft Eve everybody!

With the pre-draft formalities out of the way, teams around the NBA will spend the day finalizing their draft board. Down at the Fieldhouse, the Pacers will also have an ear to a phone, or a few phones, looking to make a deal to move up, down or out of the draft.

One of those pre-draft formalities is the annual pre-draft presser by Larry Bird, which was held yesterday, where he re-affirms the obvious, tweaks Mike Wells and generally escapes leaving nothing to analyze except for which comments were actually misinformation. One thing that is the straight truth, is Bird's declaration that it is time to win.

"I want to win. Our team wants to win," he said. "If the right deal comes up we would probably move forward. You never know what's going to happen but it's time to win here."

Bruno has the details covered including my favorite comment which came when he addressed Ron Artest winning a championship and apologizing for his past behavior with the Pacers.

"He doesn't owe us anything. We've moved on and wish him all the best."


After the jump, a bunch of links with some of the latest rumors and deals swirling around the league along with Daniel Orton's workout yesterday, Reggie Miller's comments on Artest and J.O., video of the presser and a look at William Wesley.