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IC Cold Links: Rumors Jump Start Pacers' Draft Week

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Well, day one of draft week ended up being pretty wild. I wonder what today will bring?

At least for now, Mike Wells closes the book on an Indiana/Minnesota trade involving the 10th pick and Jonny Flynn reporting that both sides have confirmed it is not happening.

I talked to people on both teams and the one consistent thing I was told from both sides is that the Timberwolves quickly informed the Pacers that they're not interested in sending Flynn to Indy.

You'll also notice that Wells quotes Minnesota's assistant GM in his story about Gordon Hayward, so Wells was obviously  beating the bushes yesterday for info. In the end, I'd consider a deal with Minnesota still on the stove with a few others. The Pacers rarely make a deal that is rumored beforehand and if they do, those rumors are usually denied.

Also, workouts continue today with Daniel Orton (Kentucky) coming back in for another run along with Wayne Chism (Tennessee), Trevon Hughes (Wisconsin) and Thomas Heurtel (Strasbourg (France).

After the jump, more links of interest on the trade rumors and Hayward's workout.