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UPDATE: Woj Has Timberwolves And Pacers Expanding Deal

UPDATE: Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski has sources revealing a larger deal between the T'Wolves and Pacers is still alive.

Minnesota offering Jonny Flynn and two first-round picks (16 and 23) to Indiana for a package that includes the 10th pick, sources tell Y!

Picks 16 and 23 are awful enticing in this draft, not to mention a point guard. There would need to be more players involved from Minny to make any sort of package deal work. Regardless, the week is off to a crazy start. Thanks to MillerTime31 for putting things up as they come through. Let me encourage everyone to follow suit if you have a linkable source to share the news, drop it in a FanPost.


As MillerTime31 mentions (THANKS!) in the FanPosts, Mike Wells revealed that the Minnesota Timberwolves turned down the 10th pick in Thursday's NBA draft for Jonny Flynn, on of Minny's many first-round point guard picks from last year.

Wells doesn't throw this type of stuff out for giggles, so he's surely secure in his sourcing that the Pacers continue scouring the league for a deal to land a young, viable point guard.

Of course, this raises some questions. Where was Flynn on the Pacers' priority list for point guards? Does this mean a deal for Darren Collison ain't happening? How about Ty Lawson? I'm thinking Flynn would rate above Lawson and while I really prefer Collison, the Hornets are likely demanding a steeper price. Obviously, so is Minny at this point, which begs the ultimate question.

How much are the Pacers willing to give up to bring in a point guard?