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IC Cold Links: Ed Davis, Gordon Hayward Highlight The Pacers Workouts This Week, A Little Love For Rik Smits

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North Carolina's Ed Davis went through an individual workout yesterday at the Fieldhouse. Not sure what the Pacers could take from his on-court work, but he certainly showed something different with his interview.

Davis skipped the Nuke LaLoosh answersduring the post-workout interview scrum and instead boldly expressed his belief that he's the best power forward option in the draft. He even admitted that he follows all of the mock drafts and takes issue with his critics. You have to appreciate the candid conversation, especially after hearing so many canned conversations by prospects just trying to get out of the Fieldhouse without saying anything substantive.

Today the Pacers bring in some athletic wing players to workout, including Butler's Gordon Hayward. Joining Hayward will be Stanley Robinson (UConn), James Anderson (Oklahoma State), Manny Harris (Michigan), Elijah Millsap (UAB), and Patrick Sullivan (SE Louisiana).

After the jump, some links of interest including more on Davis's workout and some love from Poughkeepsie for Rik Smits.