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Critical Week For Indiana Pacers Begins Today

Father's Day or not, this is no day of rest for the decision-makers at the Fieldhouse.

Instead today begins a critical week which will certainly shape the franchise for next season and may leave a lasting impact for the next few years.

North Carolina's Ed Davis is reportedly in town today for an individual workout with the Indiana Pacers. The former Tar Heel big man is coming off an unimpressive sophomore campaign hampered by injuries and lots of losses in Chapel Hill which have added some question marks to the talent and upside Davis carries on the court.

Tomorrow, Butler's Gordon Hayward and Oklahoma State's James Anderson will be among the players working out as the Pacers continue gathering information for the NBA Draft on Thursday evening. Which players the Pacers will pick and with which pick they end up using will remain in flux until the Pacers pick 10th or a trade involving the pick is made.

As David Morway explained, the draft and trades will be the primary avenues for the Pacers to change their roster.

"At this point I believe the draft and trades will be more of our focus," says Morway. "We don't know what the tax will be this year, but in looking at it we believe we're going to be fairly close to the tax as we enter July 1. Unless we were to make a trade to clear room and created some space to entertain free agents, I think we'll be more involved in trades as we look to improve this summer."

Any trade or trades, will determine which players the Pacers select in the draft, although how the draft unfolds may impact which trades are made. While the fluid situation makes for exciting and anxious times, every move is absolutely critical for the Pacers to move forward in a positive direction. Where the roster sits at this time next week will go a long way to determining what type of team the Pacers will have next season and whether Larry Bird's three-year plan is ripe to bear the tasty fruits of a future full of wins.

After the season, Bird and Morway mentioned their intent to be very active this offseason, looking to improve next year. Based on the Pacers inclusion in so many trade rumors thus far, they've lived up to their words. Now it's time to put those words into action.