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IC Cold Links: Udoh Impresses, Kramer Continues To Work On Dream

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As I mentioned last night, there's plenty of great coverage of yesterday's workouts to wade through this morning.

Based on his comments to JMV and what he wrote, Mike Wells indicates that Ekpe Udoh won the day at the Fieldhouse. Purdue's Chris Kramer is chasing his dream realistically already aware that he probably won't be drafted. He's also prepared to pursue "Plan B" which is playing overseas. In the brief highlights from the workout, you could see that one of Kramer's greatest strengths at Purdue may actually hinder his initial attempts at landing in the NBA.

Kramer's is a physical defender who loves to get up under an opponent's chin all game long. To have any shot at carving out a role in the NBA, Kramer would have to be that defensive madman, driving opponents crazy with his effort. Only problem is that you can't play that physical style of defense on the perimeter in the NBA. The bumping, shoving and grabbing that makes the Big Ten a big boy conference just isn't allowed. Crazier things have happened, though, so it will be interesting to see if Kramer can adapt to the pro style of game. If he doesn't make it, we know it won't be for lack of trying.

After the jump, plenty of links on the draft prospects and power forwards along with Ron Artest and Paul Pierce renewing acquaintances in the NBA Finals.