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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Draft Prep Continues, Everybody Loves Artest

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I have a new favorite draft prospect after listening to the latest round of interviews from the Indiana Pacers' workout yesterday.

The Fieldhouse workout included big men Ekpe Udoh (Baylor), Greg Monroe (Georgetown), Gavin Edwards (UConn) and Magnum Rolle (Louisiana Tech) along with second-round point guard prospects Tory Jackson (Notre Dame) and Jerome Randle (Cal).

Based on the interviews it sounds like a lively workout including some power dunks from the big fellas. But the highlight for me was La Tech's Magnum Rolle. First of all, the name is spectacular, but his interview sent him off the charts among the loveable-prospects-I-can't-ever-recall-seeing-play. Details.

The highlight came after Bruno asked Rolle what type of NBA player he expects to be and in 3-5 years who might we compare him to.

Rolle casually responded, "To one of the old legends." Perfect.

After the jump, links to the interviews along with comments from David Morway and everyone's new found love for Ron Artest.