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IC Cold Links: Primed For Celtics vs. Lakers Game 7, Murphy Keys Pacers' Offseason, More Workouts

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The NBA season will come to an end tonight in spectacular fashion with a winner-take-all Game 7 between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers to decide the NBA championship. They should put the LOB trophy on the scorer's table at mid-court before the game and keep it there until the champ is determined.

Unfortunately, both teams are hobbled in the post with Kendrick Perkins ruled out and Andrew Bynum only good for spot minutes. On the surface, this benefits the Lakers since they struggled when Perkins was healthy and Bynum was not. But it also makes the game smaller which allows the Lakers' bench to impact the game making it more suitable for a player like Shannon Brown to energize the court with his athletic play.

Can't wait to see which team and more importantly which players can handle the Game 7 heat which changes everything. Of course, I'm looking at Ron Artest a guy who has never handled the pressure very well. If he can get off to a positive start, this may be his chance to quiet all of the demons that have kept his game and career on the run for so many years. Just one of many intriguing subplots that have me anxiously waiting the opening tip. Gonna be a long day.

In Pacers' news, the team had another round of pre-draft workouts yesterday which included Terre Haute native Armon Bassett. More on the workouts and NBA Finals in the links along with Mike Wells bringing Troy Murphy as a key indicator for how the Pacers' approach the draft and the rest of the offseason.