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IC Cold Links: Lakers Beat Celtics To Force Game 7, Pacers' Workouts Continue

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The L.A. Lakers soundly thumped the Boston Celtics last night, 89-67 to even up the NBA Finals

The good news is, we have one move glorious Game 7 left in this NBA season. The bad news is that now both teams are running at less than full throttle since Boston's Kendrick Perkins joined L.A.'s Andrew Bynum with a knee injury, evening out what was a distinct advantage for the Celtics earlier in the series.

But Perk's injury wasn't the deciding factor last night. The Lakers were a step ahead on nearly all of the hustle plays last night. Some early turnovers by the C's indicated a long night for the visitors which was later punctuated by a rash of missed bunnies at the rim. Simply put, Boston had no response for the Lakers' home cooking. Hopefully they show up for Game 7 because it has all of the ingredients for an epic finish to the series and season.

After the jump, some links of interest on the Finals and the Pacers pre-draft activities. Expected at the Fieldhouse for workouts today are Willie Warren (Oklahoma), Armon Bassett (Ohio U.), Tweety Carter (Baylor) and Nic Wise (Arizona). Yes, this is Warren's second time in but an injury kept him from working out fully the last time through.