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IC Cold Links: The Paul Pierce Returns to Los Angeles Edition

Just as Paul Pierce said the series isn’t going back to LA, after tonight, the series is going back to LA. That’s about all we do know about the series right now, however, but one would think the Lakers feel they need this game more than any other in the series to take a 3-2 advantage back home. To expect the Celtics to win both in Los Angeles? That’s a tall order, but it’s certainly in the realm of possibility for them to win one of two.

The NBA Draft is lining up, and Washington all but made it official their plans to take John Wall with the number one overall pick. No surprises there, but it does close the book on that. Wall also penned a shoe deal with Reebok, surprising in no small order, but what could ultimately be a sound business decision for the young point guard should he pan out. Now we just need Philly to commit to Evan Turner, and we can start a legitimate mock draft, hopefully leading us insight to who the Pacers plan to take at 10.

Meanwhile, the World Cup is now in full swing, as England is reeling from Robert Green’s goalkeeping mistake, which allowed a 1-1 draw with the United States. Considering none of our major sports can or rarely do end in ties, it’s not something we generally get excited about, but considering the underdog status of the US, a draw actually felt like a win. And who better to feel good about moral victories than Pacers fans? It’s now up to the USA to not play down to Slovenia and Algeria and get out of group competition onto the truly big stage.

After the jump, some coverage on the Finals, national team play in basketball, and a human interest story on the Rifleman.