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IC Cold Links: Longer Finals Means Less Downtime Before Draft At Least

While the NBA fan in us can rejoice in watching one of the most entertaining NBA Finals in recent memory, the Pacers fan in us can thank a lengthy series for less downtime before the NBA Draft. Hey, it’s less than two weeks away! And should the series go the distance, we have only a week to entertain ourselves.

It shouldn’t be difficult to stay busy, however, with the number of options growing for the Pacers at the ten spot to continue the analyzing and breaking down of key talent in hopes of giving the franchise a boost next season.

As for the Finals? That little series resumes tomorrow night, and it’s extremely difficult to pin down. It seems impossible at times to truly know who’s going to show up, and who’s not. It’s hard to know how old or spry the Celtics will look on any given night and it’s hard to know how potent the Lakers will be down the stretch. How will the benches perform? Who steps up tonight?

We’re four games in, and is there anything resembling a worthy recipient of the award that now bears the great Bill Russell’s name? The nice thing about this Finals is the unpredictability in who’s going to play the X Factor to get their team the win. It makes for great drama, which is the very thing this entire postseason had lacked.

After the jump, some news and notes involving coaches, knees, and fevers: