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World Cup Fact: Uruguay vs. France = Pacers vs. Nets

So I'm driving down to Bloomington after work to spend the weekend at Lake Monroe and nearly drive off the road after hearing a hilarious comment on the radio.

JMV and Chris Hagan had been discussing the lame start to the World Cup with two draws including a 0-0 final between Uruguay and France.  We casual fans interested in catching World Cup fever would have trouble getting excited about matches with little scoring that don't have a winner.

Fortunately, caller Andre came to the defense of the World Cup. He implored the boys to hang in there to watch his team, Argentina and some of the other top players and teams considered the world's best. As part of his plea, he casually mentioned that watching Uruguay vs. France was like watching the Pacers vs. Nets.

Boom! Point made.

The comment wasn't intended to be funny or actually rip the Pacers but rather to put the soccer action into perspective as Andre made a sincere case to stick with the World Cup. But Andre's sincerity made the comment cut straight to the bone and come off as absolutely hilarious.

I'm still not over it and since I was able to keep my car on the road I figured I'd share the experience.