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IC Cold Links: Lakers, Celtics Resume Finals, Lester Conner's Loyalty Problem

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The Boston Celtics will try to even their Finals series with the Los Angeles Lakers tonight. Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson spent their respective off days planting seeds with officials which they both hope to harvest tonight in the form of some small advantage. Was I dreaming when David Stern said he'd put a stop to this type of thing. Personally, I enjoy the sideshow.

Speaking of sideshows, Mike Wells expounded on Lester Conner's departure in his blog and reveals that Conner's media performance on the night he filled in as head coachwas the impetus for him not re-upping with the Pacers.

Conner, who was filling in for O'Brien (death in the family), was asked during the pregame media session how much of O'Brien's coaching style he planned to take with him if he ever becomes a head coach.

"Umm, not a whole lot," Conner told reporters at the time.

Jeff Van Gundy heard about Conner's comments and lit into him on the air during a nationally televised game between Boston and Orlando.

What made matters worse for Conner is that O'Brien heard every word Van Gundy said because he was watching the game, according to sources.

But that was just the start of what was a very interesting evening at the Fieldhouse. The Pacersplayed out of their minds, utilizing a big line-up and rolling past Toronto. Then after the game, Pacers Sports & Entertainment president, Jim Morris dropped by Conner's press conference to offer his very overt congratulations on the win. Only time I've seen Morris after a game at the Fieldhouse.

Now we have to wonder if there will be any other departures and more importantly, who will join JOB on the sidelines this season.

After the jump, links with more on Conner, the NBA Finals and coaching news around the league.