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Pacers' Bigsapalooza Today, Guardfest Tomorrow Attract Plenty Of Attention

Slow news day?

With the Indy 500 in the rear view mirror, it appears that anyone associated with the local media made their way down to the Fieldhouse today to watch the NBA draft prospects brought in for workouts. Four intriguing bigs pounded away at each other along with Lance Stephenson and Purdue's Chris Kramer in front of a full local media contingent. I'll have all of the links to the stories, sound and video in the morning but I had to mention what amounts to a media frenzy around here because I personally can't get enough.

Of course Conrad Brunner and Mike Wells led the charge and probably wondered where all of those guys were in early April. I noticed that Mighty Mike even showed up in full summer sartorial splendor, sporting the pink and white striped golf shirt. Beautiful.

No doubt everyone will show up again tomorrow when an extremely intriguing group of guards go at it, trying to impress their way up the draft board. Can't wait to see how things go with this group which includes Eric Bledsoe (Kentucky), Avery Bradley (Texas), Sherron Collins (Kansas), Jordan Crawford (Xavier), A.J. Slaughter (Western Kentucky) and Willie Warren (Oklahoma).

Bruno has interviews with all of the prospects along with some video of the workouts at Pacers Draft Central. After the jump, check out the workout video along with JMV's chat with Mike Wells which discusses not only the draft but Josh McRoberts' status with Jim O'Brien.

Mike Wells with JMV (audio link) talks about the workouts and the draft in general for the Pacers. Wells espouses my hope, that the team should trade the tenth pick, if possible. The "possible" part complicates things though. They also discuss Jim O'Brien's apparent distaste for Josh McRoberts even though Josh has shown he could bring something positive off the bench if given the opportunity.