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Would Any Deal For Tony Parker Be A Good Deal For Pacers?

Chad Ford chatted with NBA fans today on and as usual he brought up the Pacers which always makes for an interesting topic of conversation. After mentioning that Minnesota shouldn't go after Danny Granger unless they dangle the 4th pick, he was asked about the Spurs interest in dealing point guard Tony Parker. His response left plenty to ponder around these parts.

I believe they're open to it if they can get two young assets in return. I think San Antonio understands that if they don't start rebuilding now, it could be two late. If they could get two high picks or one high pick and a young player, I think they'd do it. One scenario floating out there is Parker for No. 10, Troy Murphy (in the last year of his contract) and Brandon Rush.

That's a steep price, but I'm in. Parker has one year left for $13 million. If you can extend him for a couple years great. If not, he's an expiring contract that will be valuable around the trade deadline. Not paying the 10th pick saves some cash while shoring up the point guard situation for next season. More importantly, you're adding a leader who has been there and done that in the NBA, immediately adding a sage voice of how to succeed among a lot of young players who have no clue at this point.

Parker is only 28 but has a lot of NBA miles, so health is a gamble but one I'm still willing to take. Maybe the Pacers can add a second round pick and then get the 20th pick from the Spurs. Just thinking out loud about pure speculation, but it is a fun scenario to consider.

What do you think?