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NBA Draft Deadline Decisions Make Local Players Look Smart

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A few local players had tough decisions to make prior to yesterday's 5:00PM deadline to withdraw from the NBA draft.

Butler's Gordon Hayward made his decision known well before the deadline. Armed with information that he'd be selected in the middle of the first round, Hayward had to cash in on his NBA dreams while he can and hope his NBA game develops along the way.

Up at Purdue, JaJuan Johnson and E'Twaun Moore took advantage of a few workouts with NBA teams to assess where their games stood and with no guaranteed money waiting for them in the draft, they decided to take what they learned from the pros and continue developing with the Boilers. They should have plenty of opportunities to lift their profile for next year's draft since Purdue will be one of the most high-profile teams in the college game next year.

So this should be a truly happy Mother's Day for three local moms knowing their sons made mature, smart decisions that should pay off in the long run.

After the jump, a few links of interest surrounding the draft deadline and Ronnie Artest playing on the edge for the Lakers. As L.A.'s success continues to grow through the playoffs, will Ronnie be able to keep it together?