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My Thanks To The Indy Cornrows Community

I need to send out a special thanks to Sean, Levy and goodlucksaturday for all of their great contributions to the blog this year, including the outstanding coverage this past week keeping up with current events, player reviews and draft chatter while I was away on vacation.

I only spent one hour with my laptop over the past week which is a first in several years and especially since I've been maintaining this blog. It was nice to know the other writers and the Indy Cornrows' community would keep things flowing without me.

Now that I've caught up with all that I missed, I was extremely excited about the great content both in the posts from all of the writers and the comments and FanPosts. There are a wide array of commenters who I always love hearing from and there have been some great additions to the must-read commenter list of late.

So while I try to get back in the writing mode, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their contributions to the site. As we head into a vital draft and summer of offseason moves for the Pacers, I look forward to everyone continuing to share their thoughts throughout the process.