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Nate Robinson Helps Celtics Advance To NBA Final. Could He Help Pacers Next Season?

The Boston Celtics finished off the Orlando Magic last night to advance to the NBA Finals thanks in part to a second-quarter boost from reserve point guard Nate Robinson.

After Rajon Rondo hit the floor hard and went to the bench, Nate Rob jumped at the chance to play and electrified the home crowd with 13 second-quarter points. The C's seemed to cruise from there, maintaining a double-digit lead that grew to as much as 24 and easily beating back any attempted runs the Magic made.

Of course, Nate's energetic effort last night along with my built in bias for the little monster (hey, the guy played a huge role in improving Washington's hoop program) had me wondering about his plans for next year.

As a free agent after a season when he struggled and saw his minutes diminish, will he be more interested in minutes or money? The obvious answer is money, but since he may not command much, minutes could take precedence.

The Pacers have plenty of point guard minutes to offer but little money. They also could use some energy, excitement and effort, even if it is misplaced at times. We're talking short-term point guard help until landing on a long-term solution.

Of course, to even bring Nate in on the cheap the Pacers would have to make some moves this summer that would create the little cap room I'd be fine with the Pacers offering Robinson. Details aside, you have to admit, he could easily lead the team in bringing you out of your seat next year. He also could drive Jim O'Brien out of his mind.

Any takers?

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