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IC Cold Links: Ron Artest's Game Winner May Give Him And The Lakers What They Need To Win A Championship

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I just had a feeling.

As Game 5 between the Lakers and Suns was about to tip last night, I posted this note on Facebook: "About time for Ronnie to impact things for the Lakers. Will it be good or bad?"

Turns out the answer was both. For some reason, I still love Ronnie (especially on another team), and through all of the years of he always attracts attention as the spotlight brightens and the pressure builds in the playoffs. Whether it be good, bad, hilarious or sad, something usually happens that has people approaching me the next day asking if I saw what Artest did last night.

We've seen Ronnie crack as the pressure mounts in the playoffs. Plays like the freakish flagrant foul against Rip Hamilton in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals or last year, going nose-to-nose with Kobe Bryant. Of course, these were plays when Ronnie was still trying to be THE man to lead a team, a role that's never fit him.

Now with a support system around him like he's never had before and an obvious role as a support player among a talented Lakers team, Ronnie's put-back game winner made him a hero for the night in So Cal. This after driving the Staples Center crowd crazy with a couple of ill-advised threes late in the game. (Ooo, Ill-advised Three would be a perfect name for Tru Warier's next group).

Cleaning up Kobe's miss was classic Artest. A play that was pure hustle and fight, like going after the last scrap of food on the table. Ronnie at his best. That one second of glory just might be enough to feed whatever it is inside Ronnie that craves attention and keep him in check for the Lakers to win a championship.

Of course, first they have to beat the Suns which, after last night we know, won't be easy.

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