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IC Cold Links: Pacers' Point Problems, Magic Beat Celtics, Randolph Reax

After Dwight Howard chased a Boston fast break in the first half and was rewarded for his effort when Rajon Rondo layed the ball up in Howard's wheelhouse for him to easily wipe away, you had to raise an eyebrow thinking the Magic had not only a chance to win Game 5 but also seize some momentum and possibly win the series.

Rondo has done little wrong in the playoffs, but there he was scraping himself up off the floor time and again in Game 5 appearing vexed by the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. There's no doubt Rondo has to trigger the clinching win for Boston and hasn't been able to make it work in the past two games. Selfishly, I'm glad since now we'll have a raucous Game 6 in Boston.

Hopefully, the refs take on a lower profile in Game 6, although the lingering effects of the hair-trigger T's dished out in Game 5 will continue to make them part of the story. The NBA in the 90's was rolling on the floor laughing at what passes for a physical playoff game last night. My goodness.

After the jump, more links of interest on the Pacers point guard situation, reaction from Orlando and Boston along with reaction from Memphis on Zach Randolph.