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Zach Randolph Involved In Local Drug Investigation

Former Marion Giant and current Memphis Grizzlie, Zach Randolph has always seemed to attract trouble. Thanks to immense on-court talent, the trouble has never been bad enough to fully derail his basketball career. That may change soon.

According to a WRTV-6 report, Z-Bo has been identified as a major player in an Indianapolis drug investigation.

According to a probable cause affidavit, a trusted police informant identified Memphis Grizzlie player Zach Randolph as a major marijuana supplier in Indianapolis, 6News' Jack Rinehart reported.

Is it too much to ask that no other NBA players' names surface in this investigation, especially any names tied to the Pacers?

Just another head-shaking turn of events for Randolph who apparently wanted a little higher return (sorry) on the investments for the multi-generational money he's taken home from his NBA salary. Randolph made $16 million last season and is slated to make $17.3 million next season, that is if he once again slips out of trouble to return to the court.

If not, it won't be the first time poor decisions cost Randolph.

Z-Bo should've been honored as Indiana's Mr. Basketball after his senior year at Marion. Instead Jared Jeffriestook the honor, which wasn't a surprise until the two hooked up in the state finals. Jeffries was the squeaky clean, boy next door committed to play at IU. His Bloomington North team was thought to be the state's best and so JJ had all of the positive hype and press you need to win the award.

Randolph on the other hand had a troubled high school career that included stints in the Marion juvy. He was the bad boy, going to Michigan State or the NBA if he couldn't get into school. There was no way he could overcome his reputation to be voted Mr. Basketball over JJ. Only problem was, he was the best player in the state without a doubt. When the two squared off in the state finals, Z-Bo was so aggressive and dominant his Giants just rolled over Bloomington North, a team that also had a young Sean Mayto compliment Jeffries. By the end of the night, the Mr. Basketball award was rendered meaningless for that particular season.

Throughout his NBA career, Randolph has found trouble and had scrapes with the law but nothing as serious as this story suggests. The real shame is that Randolph appeared to have matured last season both as a player and person. He has so much talent and seemed like he was finally putting it all together for the last half of his career. He actually had a chance to see his value rise to the point where playoff teams might consider him to bolster an already solid roster.

Unfortunately, if this report holds up, Randolph's basketball career will be the least of his worries.