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Interesting To See How Draft Prospects Measure Up

The Indiana Pacers, like all NBA teams, are prepping for the draft by analyzing prospects from every angle. One of the highlights of the Chicago combine is the official measurements of players.

Teams are often betting on talent with potential or upside or whatever term you want to use to indicate chances for developing into a solid NBA player. Length and quickness are two attributes teams covet in players and when those two things go along with actual basketball talent, it helps a prospect rise of the draft chart.

So when a player like Eric Bledsoe checks in at 6'1" but with a wingspan of 6'7.5" it raises an eyebrow. Here are all of the measurements from DraftExpress which are sortable and include a history. analyzes the measurements to determine which players were hurt or helped by the tale of the tape.

Considering the Pacers' needs, which players are helped or hurt by these numbers?

After the jump a few links on the draft and the Suns holding serve on their home court by beating the Lakers.