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NBA Draft Lottery Open Thread: Going Lottery Balls To The WALL

Time to dream big. The Pacers arguably need a point guard more than any other team in the lottery and the top pick is the only way to solve that problem with John Wall.

At this point, who cares about the odds? Pull out your lucky charms. Put on the lucky shirt, hat, socks, underwear or all of the above. Remind the basketball gods that the blue and gold didn't tank last season away and instead honored the game with a late burst of winning efforts. Go ahead and raise your expectations for a couple of hours because we know how to deal with disappointment.

Plus, should the odds hold and the Pacers end up at 10th, there's still the matter of which team will land the top pick. John Wall to the New Jersey Nets could open up a possible deal for Devin Harris. Also, I'm suddenly interested in the Utah Jazz. In Chad Ford's chat today he mentioned that the Jazz are considering Gordon Hayward with their top pick (really the Knicks' pick). Utah will likely pick only two spots higher than the Pacers, but it may open up a chance for the Pacers to trade up in the draft, leaving Hayward for the Jazz at the tenth pick. The only question there is, which players would be worth trading up a couple of slots.

Regardless, leave your comments on the draft, workouts, prospects or anything else. Also, check out Bruno's live chat during the draft lottery.