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IC Cold Links: Happy NBA Draft Lottery Day, Pacers Workout Draft Prospects

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Today may be a day we never forget if the basketball gods shine on the Indiana Pacers and turn their minuscule lottery odds into the top pick and more importantly, John Wall.  Being it is Mt. St. Helens Day, I would certainly welcome another eruption today in the form of the excitement that would billow out of the Fieldhouse should the Pacers finally find a little lottery luck.

Alas, it may take some force of nature to turn the Pacers around so back on steady ground, the Pacers worked out some draft prospects yesterday that won't impact any decisions at the top of the draft board. Still, there were some intriguing prospects at the Fieldhouse and Bruno's coverage is bonkers. He literally takes you inside the Fieldhouse for the workouts and interviews of all of the prospects. Love the handy jump hook Larry Sanders displayed.

Check it all out at Pacers 2010 Draft Central. After the jump, more links on the draft lottery and draft prospects with workout video, along with Kobe Bryant destroying the Suns.