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NBA Playoffs Could Use A Few Thrillers In Conference Finals

While the Pacers formally begin their draft workouts today, the NBA Playoffs continue with the start of the Western Conference finals between the Lakers and Suns.

Is it too much to ask for a well-played, tightly contested game tonight? After all of the round two sweeps and lopsided games, the NBA Playoffs are desperate for some thrillers.

Between the play, and more so the reaction to the play of LeBron James and Dwight Howard in the past three playoff games, there has been little to enjoy about the actual games.  Credit the Boston Celtics for imposing their will in the three wins, but when the Magic only score 32 points in the first half, as they did yesterday, we have a mess on our hands. Simply not an enjoyable game to watch which is a problem when we’re talking about the NBA showcasing their best teams in what should be the best games of the year.

I admit, I’m real interested in seeing how Orlando reacts to being pushed against the wall yesterday. Can Dwight Howard step up and alter the series? If not, who can the Magic lean on? Jameer Nelson? J.J. Redick? Incredible how one game can re-set the outlook of a series. I happen to think the Magic will adjust, get their 3-ballers going and make this the entertaining series I expected.

On the other coast, Nash and Amare have to be on point to give us some hope for a long and entertaining series against Kobe and the Lakers. Absolutely love how the Suns are playing, but the Lakers present so many problems it’s hard to envision the Suns getting it done four times. I do hold out hope for the upset though. After hearing Phil Jackson calling out Steve Nash a few days ago, I took that as a sign ol’ Philip may see some problems on the horizon for his team so he had to begin the mental warfare early. I just hope Game 1 isn’t over early.

Who do you have making the NBA Finals? How many games?