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Pacers' Draft Prospect Workouts Begin On Monday

The Indiana Pacers begin scrutinizing draft prospects up close on Monday when they workout six players at the Fieldhouse.

Bruno reports that  Larry Sanders (Virginia Commonwealth), Gani Lawal (Georgia Tech) and Dominique Jones (South Florida), Aubrey Coleman (6-4, 200, Houston), Sylven Landesberg (6-6, 207, Virginia) and Mikhail Torrence (6-5, 210, Alabama) will put their games on display for the Pacers to evaluate.

All of these players currently project to late first round or second round  depending on which mock you take into consideration. Sanders is the most highly rated of the bunch followed by Lawal and Jones. These guys may be trade-down targets for the Pacers, while the other three players will be trying to impress the Pacers for that 40th pick in the second round.

Levy's player profiles are valuable as some of the players start coming to town. We'll be adding video highlights (if available) to older reviews so make sure you check them out.