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IC Cold Links: LeBron Channels A-Rod, Pacers Draft Thoughts, More CIB and Open Libraries

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LeBron James no-showed in a critical Game 5 last night, as the Boston Celtics ran over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland. This one made me think of the Alex Rodriguez coming up small in so many mid-aughts playoff performances for the New York Yankees. If the Cavs have an earlier than expected exit from the playoffs, just add them to the list of teams that should create a little offseason turmoil. Of course, the series isn't over so LeBron may get some quick redemption on Thursday.

A variety of links today, including Chad Ford chatting about the Pacers' offseason considerations, and things falling in place for a CIB deal for the Pacers to give up non-basketball control of Conseco Fieldhouse, or I guess I should say, CNO Financial Fieldhouse.