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Pacers Look To Granger For Some Lottery Luck

BatDan needs a new Robin.
BatDan needs a new Robin.

According to Mike Wells, Danny Granger will be on stage to represent the Indiana Pacers at the draft lottery next week.

Obviously the Pacers are trying to shake up their luck with Granger but I wonder if ol' 33 can do something to rattle the room and shift all of the positive mojo to the Pacers. I don't think it's simply enough to believe in the good and righteous basketball gods rewarding the Pacers for not tanking out the season and instead finishing with a late flury of W's.

I'm thinking a full Batman costume would work nicely and make his presence felt. Might even lead to some endorsement opportunities. Any other thoughts on what Granger can do or what lucky charms he might take with him to enhance the Pacers chances of moving to the top of the draft board?