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IC Cold Links: CIB Report Roundup

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Links today focus on the reports following the impact report released to the Capital Improvement Board (CIB) yesterday. Also, a couple of Pacers rank pretty high in at least one analysis of NBA players, Bruno is not a rolling stone so he gathers all mocks (sorry, need more coffee) and the 'Mayor' is ready to coach.

Indianapolis could lose $55 million if Pacers left
Cliff Brunt reports on the impact report for the AP.

Study: City loses $55M in spending if Pacers leave
Bill Ruthhart reports on the impact report given to the CIB.

Study: Losing Pacers Would Cost City Millions- WRTV Indianapolis

CIB says report backs plan to manage Conseco Fieldhouse - WISH-TV

Study: Pacers, Fever add $55M to local economy each year -

Ogden on Politics: CIB Gets Cover to Ask for Pacer Bailout; Donut Counties Thrown Under the Political Bus
Paul Ogden offers up his critique of the impact report. I actually think the numbers are pretty conservative based on the current state of the Pacers. What if they ever start winning again?

The WoW All-NBA Team and the jbrett Codes Again " The Wages of Wins Journal
Wages of Wins breaks down their top players at each position which includes Troy Murphy as the #4 power forward and Brandon Rush slipping into the top 15 shooting guards. Here are the position rankings.

Experts see Pacers going big in draft
Bruno updates a mock draft update for the Pacers.

Butler's Hayward picks agent used by Pacers
Mike Wells reports that former Butler player (still sounds weird) Gordon Hayward has locked up the services of Mark Bartelstein, agent to several Pacers including Danny Granger.

'Mayor' eager for chance in his town
Mike Wells takes a look at former Pacer Fred Hoiberg's returning home to coach Iowa State.