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IC Cold Links: Rondo Makes The Mind Wander And Wonder, More Draft Advice For Pacers

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Yesterday was just another day to get on my knees give thanks for DVR technology since it allowed me to enjoy all of our Mother's Day festivities, catch up on some overdue lawn work and sneak in some extra batting practice for the boys without  missing the Celtics' win over LeBron Jamesand the Cavs (that's the proper team name, right, LeBron James and the Cavs?).

More importantly I was able to catch the insane and entertaining performance by Rajon Rondo. Really made me long for some lottery luck for the Pacers since John Wall seems like a next gen Rondo. Wall is similarly fast and athletic but in a bigger package that is far more skilled at this point in his development compared to Rondo.

Obviously, despite seeming a bit aloof, Rondo has a killer instinct and equally killer work ethic that has turned him into an elite player only four years into his NBA career. So while Wall may start his career with more upside, will he be able to apply the same effort to develop into an NBA killer? Check back in a few years, but it would sure be nice if the Pacers could take that chance.

After the jump, more links of interest including items on the Pacers draft prep and amateur advice, champion Erazem Lorbek and free agent Travis Diener.