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Simon Has No Intentions Of Selling Pacers; Plans On Keeping Bird, O'Brien

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Herb Simon doesn't know where the rumors started, he just knows they're wrong.

Despite his franchise -- the Indiana Pacers -- losing millions of dollars while suffering through yet another losing season, the Pacers owner said he has no intentions of selling or moving the team. Simon said, "There was an article in Forbes -- and I don't know where it came from -- but there's been no talk with anyone about selling this team. I'll continue to own this team."

In an interview with Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, Simon touches on subjects involving team president Larry Bird (he's staying as long as he wants), coach Jim O'Brien (he's staying as long as Bird wants) and why the team will never tank at the end of the season (that's not what the fans want). Although Simon has made an effort since the Brawl to be more involved with the team and how the front office operates, the interview shows that Simon still has absolute trust in Bird and how he's running the franchise, and he'll take a backseat in order to show his support. His trust continues despite the fact that the blue and gold's "gross is down like half of what it was when we were winning," Simon said. "We have a lot of room to improve."

Simon also feels good about the Pacers' draft position despite dropping nearly eight spots in the past three weeks. He cites Reggie Miller and Danny Granger as lower picks who worked out extremely well for the Pacers. Some call that luck and could show Simon a list of 30 lower draft picks who didn't work out in Indiana. But Simon is steadfast in his belief that the Pacers should not, and will not, ever tank a season for a draft pick.

Simon said, "That doesn't feel good and it's not the right way to do it. The fans who come out every game expect us to do our best and try our best and play our best. That's what this franchise stands for."

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