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IC Cold Links: Pacers In No Hurry To Add Marcus Williams

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The reaction was what you might expect from Jim O'Brien.

With reports of the Pacers calling up Marcus Williams from the D-League, Bruno asked the Pacers' coach in vague terms what value he saw in bringing in a player at this point in the season. From his perspective, JOB saw no value in filling the 15th roster spot other than to have the player for the summer or to use in potential trades since the contract would be non-guaranteed.

But if the player was added, say today, would he be involved in the remaining games? 

"From a standpoint of if we were to bring in a guy right now, you could not expect to see him in games let's put it that way," O'Brien said before pausing to clarify.

"You would not expect to see him in games."

And if that wasn't clear enough for you, JOB laid it out in no uncertain terms, "I would not play him in games."

This is a minor move at best in the grand scheme of things, but the Pacers are still pondering the move to sign a D-League player, presumably Marcus Williams. Obviously there is no rush since Williams won't be playing in any games, but it makes you wonder what  makes this low-risk decision so complicated.

Maybe the team was just waiting for an off day to slip in the transaction to bring in Williams.

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