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Pacers 113, Knicks 105: Granger, Pacers Offense Keeps Rolling Right Past Knicks

Lots of firepower. Lots of points. Lots of fun.

Well, at times...maybe.

The Indiana Pacers scored 72 first-half points and led the New York Knicks 92-90 after three quarters before eventually rolling to a 113-105 win.

Sounds like a wild and crazy affair, doesn't it? Actually, despite the big offensive numbers, this game had all of the juice of a Summer League classic. At one point I started surfing for the call by Dante and Galante.

The Pacers offense remained potent and at times easy, but defense was absolutely optional at this one. As strong as the Pacers were offensively, they struggled to slow down the Knicks. And by Knicks I mean Toney Douglas, Earl Barron and Bill Walker.

Fortunately, the Pacers just kept scoring points led by Danny Granger's 33 with some help off the bench from Mike Dunleavy (13) and A.J. Price (11).

There's also no defense for poor Internet connection. The Fieldhouse gremlins tagged me and I lost a good chunk of my recap and notes from the game. If this game was worth writing about twice, you know I would.

But it wasn't.

Suffice it to say the Pacers locked up 10th place in the upside-down standings and head to Cleveland to see just how well they're playing.

Afte the jump a few more thoughts.

  • Danny Granger's 33 points gave him his sixth 30-point game in the last nine games. After making his first three 3-balls Granger went cold from the perimeter and ended up taking 27 shots to get his 33, so even his big game wasn't pretty tonight.
  • A.J. Price had 11 points off the bench making all three of his shots from behind the arc. Combined with his effort against Houston, he 8-12 from 3-land in the last two games.
  • Mike Dunleavy continued his improved play which has help give the Pacers overall offense a boost.  After the game he said, "I am grateful to be back and being able to play because I know some have gone down with knee injuries and not been able to get back playing at a high level. I'm not where I want to be, but I think if I keep working the rest of the year and summer I can get there."
  • Earl Barron had another strong night for the Knicks after his recent call up from the D-League. Barron finished with 15 points and 9 rebounds Barron's play was part of the reason Roy Hibbert and Josh McRoberts spent a lot of time on the bench since they struggled with their defensive assignments all night.
  • Troy Murphy had yet another double-double with 17 points and 12 rebounds. He also saved a ball in the first half and ended up diving into the stands and appearing to get stuck in the second row for a bit. I think he was just stunned that he actually dove into the crowd and didn't now how to react.
  • Hibbert started strong offensively with 11 points in the first quarter but only played 8 minutes the rest of the game and finished with 15 points.
  • Tracy McGrady started for the Knicks but his movement on the court looked a few notches below fluid. He shot 2-12 form the floor including 0-5 from behind the arc, simply looking old and creaky at times. He was trying, but it just wasn't there. At one point in the first half, T-Mac made a hustle play diving to the floor to get after a loose ball. Except saying he dove to the floor is a bit generous. He looked more like me going to the floor to play with my kids. With too much age and sore knees, I usually go to the floor is done in stages. Bend down. Then get a hand to the floor for stability before finally letting gravity take its course. That was T-Mac's hustle play.
  • Both Al Harrington and Jonathan Bender missed the game for the Knicks with injuries so there was no warm and fuzzy reception for the former Pacers. Bender? Injured? I know, I was stunned as well.