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Butler Rules The Day As Pacers Take On Rockets Tonight

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It's all about the Butler Bulldogs in Indianapolis this Easter Sunday. But maybe you can make some room for an Indiana Pacers nightcap tonight.

As Butler waits for one more day in the limelight during tomorrow night's NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game against Duke, the Pacers will pit Blue Devils versus Blue Devils in tonight's Indy matchup with the Rockets. The game places Duke alums Mike Dunleavy, Josh McRoberts and Dahntay Jones against Houston's Shane Battier. Unfortunately, no Butler alums will take the court, but just think of how many more people the Fieldhouse would draw if Bobby Plump was signed to a 10-day contract with the blue and gold.

Hopefully Larry Bird has enjoyed watching Butler this weekend. Hopefully he's extrapolated the concept that defense counts for something in the game of basketball. Hopefully he sees that a 33-year-old coach understands this concept and always has, while the guy kneeling on towel near his team's bench has never, and will never, grasp the concept that defense matters. Hard work on BOTH ends of the floor matters. It's great watching Butler. We fans actually enjoy watching great defense. It's hard not to watch Butler and think of how the Pacers could be playing.

Oh well, back to celebrating the Bulldogs and a few Pacers links after the jump.