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IC Cold Links: Mavericks' Elimination Shows How Offseason Landscape Can Change

If only Mark Cuban could pull the trigger on drastic changes to the Dallas Mavericks today while the bitter disappointment of another early playoff exit is fresh on his frayed nerves. The Mavs were a number two seed, built to win now and well, they didn't.

The Mavs have a lot of high-priced assets and breaking up this bunch may be Cuban's summer project. If he could start today, there would probably be a fire sale, but still, there will likely be some major moves which ripples through the league. The Mavs can carve out cap space to put LeBron James in play or any of the big-name free agents.

One thing I don't expect to see is Dirk Nowitzki passing on his $21.5 million player option. Hasn't even been 12 hours since the Mavs were sent home and I've already read and heard radio and TV voices mention that Dirk may just want to leave and pass up the option. Do you think Dirk will get $21.5 million from another team next year, especially in the current NBA economic climate? Me neither. Let's get real, if Dirk goes, it will require a sign and trade.

The beauty for the Pacersis that this is just one example of how things can change and open up opportunities elsewhere. Maybe the Pacers don't get in directly on the Mavs blowout roster sale, but they might be able to work with another team trying to deal with the Mavs.The more chaos and unsettled rosters the better this summer for the Pacers.

After the jump, more links of interest.

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