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IC Cold Links: Jermaine O'Neal Is Looking For Love This Summer

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Jermaine O'Neal is about to get his feet wet.

The currently injured Miami Heat center and former Indiana Pacers money-sucking contract will be testing the free agent waters this summer. His seven-year, $126-million contract that the Pacers gave him in 2003 is finally done this season. Obviously, money is not an issue.

He's looking for a championship contender, some place where he can sign a four or five-year-deal where he can finish out his career. "I'm looking forward to it because basically it's the stretch run for me," O'Neal said. "I don't plan on playing past the next four or five years. I definitely want to make a decision and put myself in the best position to compete for a championship."

Now hitting the ripe age of 31 years old, O'Neal will get his first chance at becoming a free agent during his career. O'Neal let it known yesterday that in 2003, when O'Neal would have been a free agent with the Pacers, the center didn't bother looking around the rest of the league as he opted to land the big money deal with the blue and gold. O'Neal said that only the Spurs offered a deal to O'Neal that summer.

O'Neal missed his third game in a row with a hyperextended right knee, sitting on the sidelines of the Fieldhouse while watching teammate Dwyane Wade destroy the Pacers last night. He is averaging 13.8 points and 7.1 rebounds this season.

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