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Roy Williams Shares An Update On Tyler Hansbrough

At the end of the season, Tyler Hansbrough was confident his inner ear/concussion issues were improving and he’d be playing again next season. He just didn’t know when he’d start playing again.

Sounds like things continue to move in the right direction for Hansbrough. At a Tar Heel Tour event last night in Charlotte, UNC coach Roy Williams shared an update Hansbrough’s status after a phone conversation earlier in the week (as relayed by someone in attendance and posted on a UNC blog Tar Heel Fan).

Roy explained that Tyler really had a tough time with the vertigo/concussion, even had a really tough time concentrating, knowing where he was during the second half of the season, couldn’t practice, etc. Tyler did not dunk that ball at the 100th celebration because he was afraid he was going to fall down. Tyler now has a good report and is expected to be released from his treatment in July and should be ready for the preseason.

Obviously, this is a second-hand account of the comments on Hansbrough, so take that for what it's worth. Just wondering how they can point toward July for his return to action while there's still two months remaining of whatever treatment regimen Hansbrough is following. With such a delicate situation, maybe the extra time is a buffer to make sure Hansbrough is well past ready to return before hitting it hard.