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IC Cold Links: Hayward's Draft Decision, Dahntay's Dunking, Detlef's Debut

Yesterday on 1070 The Fan, Mark Montieth and Mike Wells (audio link), Pacers' past and present beat writers, discussed, you guessed it, the Pacers and the NBA. Part of their discussion included some feedback from scouts on Gordon Hayward and JaJuan Johnson . Great stuff as they compare notes from their various sources.

All signs point to Hayward leaving Butler and remaining in the NBA draft. One thing keeps bugging me about the talk surrounding Hayward, though. To me the decision is strictly about money and limiting the risk of getting shut out next year if the NBA has a lockout as opposed to Hayward not wanting his value to slip as NBA decision-makers take a closer look at his game should he return to Butler.

His stock may not go any higher, but why assume it will go lower? The example of Josh McRoberts is only comparable because they're both from Central Indiana. McRoberts had a relatively poor sophomore year at Duke after returning to school and being put in a lead role. Hayward too had a relatively "poor" year when thrust into a lead role for his sophomore season and he led his team within two inches of a national championship.

Seems like the assumption is that Hayward wouldn't show improvement in his game next year, even though with his shooting alone, he left this season with plenty of room to show improvement next year. This may shock some, but if he stayed, Hayward's stock may even rise the same way Evan Turner's did at Ohio State this year.

So if that happened and there's no lockout, Hayward could lose money by coming out now. Of course, that risk is greater than taking the sure thing now, so in the end, if Hayward does leave he's making a sound business decision based on the business risks in play.

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