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Best Pacers Win Of The Year: There's Only 32 Of Them, So Choose Wisely

Even though you suffered through another losing season, there were 32 times when you saw a "W" added the Indiana Pacers record this year. Not all of them mattered (any of them in April), but if you had to choose, which win would you remember from this season 25 years from now? None? Well, pick one anyway.

I've listed five that caught my eye. So add a vote and check out the videos and recaps after the jump to refresh your memory. I'm sure you'll have other games that you want to add so feel free to drop a comment about your favorite.

Nov. 14, 2009 -- Pacers 113, Celtics 104
The Pacers defeated the then-mighty Celtics early in the season for the second-straight year, this time securing their fourth consecutive win. The blue and gold would win one more after this one before the season sank into oblivion by the team losing 10 of its next 11. Danny Granger and Dahntay Jones scored 29 and 25 points, respectively, in front of a sell-out crowd at Conseco. Pacers 113, Celtics 104: Four Straight Feels Great For Pacers

Dec. 12, 2009 -- Pacers 114, Wizards 113
The wins were coming in at a slow pace already, but Pacers fans got a thrilla in Washington on this evening. Mike Dunleavy, who scored 24 points, sank two free throws with just 0.1 seconds remaining to seal the deal for an Indiana win. Troy Murphy had a game-high 28 points, while rookie Tyler Hansbrough produced 19 points and showed no sign of dizziness. Pacers 114, Wizards 113: Whirlwind Finish Ends As Mike Dunleavy's Free Throws Ice Victory

Jan. 5, 2010 -- Pacers 97, Magic 90
In front of just 11,119 fans at the Fieldhouse, Roy Hibbert had a coming out party against Dwight Howard and the Magic as the big man unleashed 26 points as the Pacers pulled off the upset wtihout Granger or Murphy. Luther Head added 18 points in the starting lineup. Pacers 97, Magic 90: Pacers Surprise Magic With A Winning Effort

Feb. 2, 2010 -- Pacers 130, Raptors 115
Pacers fans finally got a chance to see what the team would play like under a different coach, and the Pacers made us drool for the end of the Jim O'Brien era in Indiana. Under Lester Conner's coaching, the Pacers throttled a Raptors team that was still in the middle of playoff hopes before collapsing later that month. Sure, Chris Bosh and Andrea Bargnani combined for 69 points, but the Pacers got what they had been hoping to see all season: big games from Granger (23 points), Murphy (20 points), Hibbert (18 points) and from a point guard (Earl Watson scored 15 points and dished 11 assists). Lester Conner Seizes The Day As Substitute Head Coach For Pacers

March 21, 2010 -- Pacers 121, Thunder 101
It's hard to count any of the wins that came in March and April as meaningful since it was a consistent shot in the foot for our draft lottery chances and we were playing teams with nothing to play for. But this sticks out as a game when the Pacers throttled a young, athletic team that was fighting to playoff position. Yes, the Thunder were still tired from partying with Jay-Z the night before, but as Tom wrote in his recap, the Pacers won each and every minute of the 48 played on this night as Granger unloaded 32 points, Murphy added 22 and Hibby dropped 20. It also helps that I'm currently watching the Thunder thrash the Lakers, making this win seem much more impressive than it probably was. Pacers 121, Thunder 101: Granger Dominates Durant As Pacers Cruise Past Thunder