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Will You Watch The NFL Draft Or NBA Playoffs? Are You Serious?

Ronnie guarding Durant is much more fun than watching a suit talk at a podium.
Ronnie guarding Durant is much more fun than watching a suit talk at a podium.

Today at work somebody asked me if I was excited to watch the NFL Draft tonight. I responded that I'd keep an eye on the draft but instead was looking forward to watching the NBA Playoffs. Why did my response produce such an incredulous look from my colleague?

No doubt, I love the NFL and really enjoy the draft and how it impacts all of the teams. I'm also interested in finding out where various college players I'm familiar with are drafted. Over the years the draft has been the perfect soundtrack for weekend chores. I've painted several rooms with the draft broadcast airing. I even recall the draft breaking the nervous tension with Warren Sapp falling down the board as I prepared for my wedding 15 years ago today.

But to watch the draft in prime time on a Thursday instead of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Chicago to play the Bulls? I don't think so. The outcome of this series may not be in doubt, but the games have been wonderful. Now the Bulls are at home where Joakim Noah will be cheered and King James will be the enemy. Yeah, that's a little more intriguing than hearing that Sam Bradford was taken by the St. Louis Rams which may help the Rams in a couple of years.

If Roger Goodell drags out his draft announcements, it takes about 10 seconds to reveal a pick which makes for less than six minutes of "action" over the entire broadcast of the NFL Draft's first round which I'm sure will exceed three hours tonight. It would be great if TNT just ran a little scroll at the bottom updating the picks, because that is all that matters, but refreshing a web browser will work just as well.

Like I'm going to miss Kobe Bryant and the Lakers going into an insane Oklahoma City for the Thunder's first playoff game. Forget Kobe, watching Ron Artest in a hostile environment guarding Kevin Durant is a no-brainer compared to learning which offensive lineman the New York Giants select with the 15th pick. The only highlight from that pick will be the fat slob in the front row wearing a Giants jersey and freaking out over the pick. No thanks, I'll take KD and Kobe gunning away any day.

Plus, the best thing the Indianapolis Colts can do is trade down from the 31st pick, but even if they do make a first round pick, I can easily digest that information after it happens during a commercial break while I gorge on some sweet NBA playoff action. I mean really, can anyone possibly defend watching the draft over these games tonight?